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Why is an at home skincare routine important

Did you know that 60% of desired skin results are due to a beneficial at-home skincare routine? Having a home regimen with active ingredients can really improve overall skin health and reverse signs of aging & environmental damage. The other 40% of your result happens in the treatment room by receiving monthly facial treatments.

Cleansing twice a day with a cleanser specific to skin type is the first step in any at-home routine. Everyone’s skin type varies so making sure your products balance your skin is key! Whether your skin is dry, oily, sensitive, or acneic, always double cleanse! The first loosens dirt, excess oil, & dead skin cells and the second will remove it all. If you aren’t cleansing every day, you are allowing buildup which clogs the pores, and causes unbalanced skin which creates unwanted breakouts!

When just beginning a skincare regimen we always recommend starting with a

  • cleanser AM/PM

  • moisturizer AM/PM

  • spf AM

These are your staples until you’re ready to take it up a notch! When ready, you can begin to include products targeted to your specific concerns such as vitamin C for sun damage/hyperpigmentation, retinol/vitamin A for anti-aging & fine lines and wrinkles, or an exfoliant or mask to even out skin tone and texture.

Contact your local Esthetician or book a consultation today to start a regimen customized just for you!

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